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Welcome to transgender United Kingdom support chat rooms. Here at Trans Chat Zone you will find many transgender members from United Kingdom as well as their supporters. Create your own network of friends, get answers to your questions about being transgender, and build your own network of friends. Trans Chat Zone is an online support group in the form of a trans gender chatline. We are not doctors and we can not give medical advice, however, our members may know a doctor in United Kingdom that could help you transition, start hormones, get top surgery or get bottom surgery. Join us in United Kingdom trans support chat, we can't wait to meet you.

United Kingdom Transgender Online Chatlines & Support Groups.

Trans Chat Zone is a chatline for trans women to find and meet others in the United Kingdom area. Chatting is free. Creating a profile is free. Connecting with other trans support community members is free as well. Join is inside the online trans social network for free.

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Transgender Chatters in United Kingdom

viola's Chat & Dating Profile
Manchester, England, GB
I am still learning about myself The older I get the more convinced I'm Viola and so happy to be the girl ive always been Please dont be offended but im not into men so please do not pm me for cyber as Im not interested
Natte's Chat & Dating Profile
Portsmouth, England, GB
Male, looking for discreet chats and maybe meets with likeminded people
Sarah194's Chat & Dating Profile
Portsmouth, England, GB
Here to play where you feminize me, making me your perfect little lady (whether I like it or not)
Wolfy's Chat & Dating Profile
Married man, likes flirting and having a laugh. Always open to making friends. Feel free to chat away to me anytime.
EveK66's Chat & Dating Profile
England, GB
I am a mature Trans Woman, who began dressing at 13. Seems like I have always wanted to be a girl. I am so much happier when I am a woman, and enjoy all feminine experiences. Lucky to be able dress at home whenever I want, and am a full time housewife. I love chatting here
Andymanc's Chat & Dating Profile
Lymm, England, GB
Tall good looking guy looking to chat and learn about this culture. Virgin but up for anything x
stephanie1966's Chat & Dating Profile
Birmingham, England, GB
love to be dressed as much as possible love my femme side
JulietH6's Chat & Dating Profile
Hi I'm a transwoman, spoken for.. I'm happy to chat with people esp about the transgender experience, but if you are 'on the pull' better know I'm not going to respond the way you want. If you are a man, try being friends in the main chat... Sorry to seem unfriendly but so many men just say 'Hello' in a 1-2-1 message and then expect me to come up with the things to say... and I won't accept 'friends' requests if we havn't chatted before
Asknicki's Chat & Dating Profile
London, England, GB
I'm getting to know myself and hoping to get to know others too! Love to chat and make new friends.
JemmaAnn's Chat & Dating Profile
Eastbourne, England, GB
I feel very feminine but no surgery so identify as crossdresser. Love to chat to anyone who is genuine but sexually only into men. I have been a member here since January 2012. Please chat in the room and ask me before pming me, otherwise I probably will ignore you, unless I know you.
weemick's Chat & Dating Profile
Glasgow, Scotland, GB
New to this so pls be gentle
Lushxbunny's Chat & Dating Profile
Hi well not say too much at first apart from gosh love chatting im here to make new and different friends. Trying to find where I fit in as I'm on a journey OK take care all love Natasha xxx
Silverdaddy60's Chat & Dating Profile
Braintree, England, GB
Looking to experience something new
draughrover's Chat & Dating Profile
Halstead, England, GB
always horny. whatsapp is 07495369666
mushy's Chat & Dating Profile
Chesterfield, England, GB
Exploring new things Looking for someone to give and have fun with
WeissRose's Chat & Dating Profile
Scotland, GB
Hey. My name is Rachel Weiss-Rose Foxx, but Weiss or Rose is perfectly fine. I've known I was a really a woman since I was maybe 10 years old. Now I'm ready to start expressing that to the world. Before going any further, I should point out that I am on the autism spectrum. Communication can be difficult at times. I'm also a fairly shy girl, and poor girl. So I dont have many clothes to dress in currently, and even if I did, sharing pics of that would be low on my to-do list. So dont pester me about pics. As for hobbies, I am interested in artistic mediums. Like cartoons, comics, anime, manga, video games, etc. Yes, I am basically a child, haha! Please feel free to message me to chat privately. But if you are looking for anything sexual, please move on. I'm open to answering any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask. Love and peace to you xx
Topdog1981's Chat & Dating Profile
London, England, GB
Xxxxxxxxccxxx. Cxxxxxxxc
GamingRaven82's Chat & Dating Profile
Runcorn, England, GB
depressed nonpassing tgirl who honestly really needs a good cry.
Logan999's Chat & Dating Profile
Stockton-on-Tees, England, GB
Need a shag from a tranny

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