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Welcome to transgender Canada support chat rooms. Here at Trans Chat Zone you will find many transgender members from Canada as well as their supporters. Create your own network of friends, get answers to your questions about being transgender, and build your own network of friends. Trans Chat Zone is an online support group in the form of a trans gender chatline. We are not doctors and we can not give medical advice, however, our members may know a doctor in Canada that could help you transition, start hormones, get top surgery or get bottom surgery. Join us in Canada trans support chat, we can't wait to meet you.

Canada Transgender Online Chatlines & Support Groups.

Trans Chat Zone is a chatline for trans women to find and meet others in the Canada area. Chatting is free. Creating a profile is free. Connecting with other trans support community members is free as well. Join is inside the online trans social network for free.

Explore More Of Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Newfoundland Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Yukon Territory,

Transgender Chatters in Canada

JenniferDarlene's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Bio = {{dm, ask}, {name, "Jennifer Darline"}, {birth, {1982, 7, 3}}, {loc, {"Ontario", "Canada"}}, {summary, "introverted crossdresser trying to socialize. Slowly gaining confidence and looking forward to trying to go into public later this year."}, {can, ["wear nail polish in public", "wear hair dye in public"]}, {wip, ["grow hair", "get pink hair", "research HRT", "go dressed in public"]}}
Hard69's Chat & Dating Profile
Abbotsford, British Columbia, CA
Horny for your ass and pussy and cock cum over tonight and you can see it
JaneJ's Chat & Dating Profile
Recently out to my partner, and seems it's going to be okay. I enjoy my kitchen, working on and riding my motorcycles, all music, movies, reading, and running. Looking to meet anyone really but also advice as I try to be more true to myself and perhaps come out more.
Wills's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
An admirer of beautiful people. m an admirer of beautiful people inside and out. 'Try'sexual 50 m Canada top, masculine and fit. Am really here largely to make friends: regardless of gender. Love intelligent conversation and cyber can be fun. I'm definitely a top. I love subs 20 - 40ish, (absolutely no one less than 20 please). Nature has played a bit of a dirty trick on slim young guys they have evolved to perfectly take cock. Not surprisingly I love women, sissies, babes, emo, goth, barbies and yet love natural and fresh, too. Gender is just too arbitrary to concern myself with. In public, I strive to be a gentleman. In private, what happens is up to consenting adults. Of late I have been getting back into shape and my libido has gone kinda wild.
nicolescott's Chat & Dating Profile
Saskatchewan, CA
single, crossdresser,like chatting with other crossdressers, tg, ts ,women, men just for chat. Love talking clothes and accessories, enjoy a wide range of topics, have both personnas, really like chatting and having good conversations, i like sports and like joking around.will exchange pics through e-mail once i get to know you better, will get a few pics up here soon i hope!!!
Michelle2112's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Hey, so I'm a pre-op trans woman living full time since 01/2020 looking to connect with people. I am independent and consider myself to be an ardent feminist. I'm typically a bit reserved out of the gate, but that can change depending on how comfortable I feel around someone. I tend to see myself as: analytical and kind of artsy, love technology, love movies in general (I guess most people would say loving 'film' or 'cinema' is too pretentious!), gritty Netflix and Anime series, music is an integral part of who I am, and I love having conversations about anything from the mundane to politics. I don't eat meat but love all sorts of food. Indian food is my absolute favourite but am always interested in other styles... I'm a hockey fan and just love Sid. As I get older I find that I seek connections with people that are more meaningful and interesting, be they friendships or something of a more romantic nature. I find as the world around us seems to become a harsher place that we need to be kinder - to others AND to ourselves. I mostly don't mind if folks PM me, but I prefer that you have a profile with a picture as it seems a little unfair otherwise, and it would be great if you were polite! 'Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.' - Omar Khayyam
laurievancouver's Chat & Dating Profile
Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
Longtime cd from canada, outgoing and friendly to all and always willing to help and listen
tara447's Chat & Dating Profile
Ontario, CA
some stuff goes here to make us feel important
jenblake's Chat & Dating Profile
Oakville, Ontario, CA
I am a petite and passable TV, 5'0", 130lbs, would love to meet you, NON SMOKING for shopping, a wonderful lunch or dinner out. My Yahoo,, go ahead and add me!, love to chat and photoshare on there. I am mainstream (been that way for 25 years), do not attend TG conventions, or go to TG/TV clubs, work part time as a female in a Bridal Salon, so if you want to know anything about Bridal or Prom fashions, I am the one to talk to. I am what my hubby calls a "career Bridesmaid", have been one for real 4 times, and was married for real wearing the gown. No need to ask for permission to chat in the main room for me, just message me, men welcome! I do not chat in the main room, too many fights and quite frankly hard to even follow any single coversation. Feel free to message me any time for conversation, but for those that want to "cyber" or "phone", don't bother, I used to do phone sex as a female, so if you want that, I can accomodate, but not for free. I am not a pro, nor do I do K&F encounters. I am a true genuine gurl, I wear a latex vagina and a Veronica, so I am smooth as a GG in the front and it stays that way even after a long romantic evening out on the town, so if you are looking for a something extra under the skirt to play with, move on. My wardrobe is extensive, 4 or 5 closets and as my husband says, "enough clothes in the house for 5 females". Yes, I am married, was married in 1990 wearing the Wedding gown in a Lesbian cerimoney, to a woman that has been my girlfriend for over 27 years. We both date, she has a steady GG girlfriend and I am allowed to date when I want. I love dating men that are in their upper 40's, the ones that are looking for what their wives gave up on years ago, wearing, skirts, heels, looking presentable, and of course recovering the "lost art", that allows every women to smile while walking down the isle :) Enough rambling, hope to see you on-line!. Jennifer
LarryToronto's Chat & Dating Profile
Toronto, Ontario, CA
I am me. Have chatted here for many years in past
jlynn2's Chat & Dating Profile
Nova Scotia, CA
Just your not so average middle aged T girl dyke in a same sex marriage... go figure. Just here to chat, perhaps make a friend or two and be a part of the knowledge pool of our community. Not here for cyber or any other similar foolishness.
Alabamahal's Chat & Dating Profile
Calgary, Alberta, CA
I am just looking to connect with others who are starting (or who have started) on their journeys.
carriecharitee's Chat & Dating Profile
Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
I've been dressing on and off for my whole life. Started going out for the first time in 2019. I'm a straight crossdresser who is neither submissive nor dominant, please don't ask. I’m happy talking to other crossdressers, transgenders, women and male admirers.
Hollypr999's Chat & Dating Profile
looking to chat
holly999CD's Chat & Dating Profile
CD wants to chat
julie55's Chat & Dating Profile
Edmonton, Alberta, CA
mature tgirl /cd that likes the housewife and beauty shop theme
JuliaCD's Chat & Dating Profile
Montreal, Quebec, CA
I'm shy CD. I don't have a partner or lover. Dream to meet gentle CD to wear lingerie and get pleasure together. I'm bottom, I love relax submissive while partner playing with my neat booty. I love to see him excited giving me pleasure. My eyes brown, hair short, build slim. I adore silk, satin and stockings, suspenders.

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