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Welcome to transgender United States support chat rooms. Here at Trans Chat Zone you will find many transgender members from United States as well as their supporters. Create your own network of friends, get answers to your questions about being transgender, and build your own network of friends. Trans Chat Zone is an online support group in the form of a trans gender chatline. We are not doctors and we can not give medical advice, however, our members may know a doctor in United States that could help you transition, start hormones, get top surgery or get bottom surgery. Join us in United States trans support chat, we can't wait to meet you.

United States Transgender Online Chatlines & Support Groups.

Trans Chat Zone is a chatline for trans women to find and meet others in the United States area. Chatting is free. Creating a profile is free. Connecting with other trans support community members is free as well. Join is inside the online trans social network for free.

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Transgender Chatters in United States

tallbob's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
Just a tall man who likes to chat and is looking for nothing more .
Rocco2u's Chat & Dating Profile
Cleveland, Ohio, US
Virginass334's Chat & Dating Profile
Clearwater, Florida, US
I'm a Virgin but in love with shemales the sex looks fun an good I never did anything with someone tho I want to so bad just want to try an see an please
AutumnRae's Chat & Dating Profile
California, US
Hi I'm Autumn and I perfer to use the term CTG (Closeted Transgender) over the term CD. I have been me for over 40 years and this just isn�t some fetish it�s who I am Autumn. I have always felt like I had to hide who I really was and have been in the closest. Because of age, life and several other reasons transitioning just isn�t in the cards. That doesn�t make me any less me.That's just life at the moment good thing I have a very large closet. I am married(she does not know).Feel free to PM only if we have chatted before but be respectful please and sorry guys not interested . xoxoxox PS the pic is one a friend created I could only hope to look that young lol
Alicia753's Chat & Dating Profile
New York, New York, US
I do not Smoke, Drink or use Illegal Drugs, Please be the same. I do not like to be alone. I suffer from depression, anxiety and stress for the last 32 years and its not easy to deal with, My life has not been going well for many years because of certain things. I might also have a stomach ulcer due to stress. Please Do Not Hit On Me. I am a Christian. I ran a Transgender Support Group for 11 years 1988 to 2000.
FruitLoop's Chat & Dating Profile
Medford, Oregon, US
Name: Ashley (Ash) I've recently accepted that I'm gender-diverse and am in the beginning stage of exploring my new, emerging identity as a transwoman. I am shy and get really nervous in new social situations, but I am trying to get more comfortable with myself and others. I'm hoping to make meaningful connections and develop friendships with other local trans folks!
Gina0's Chat & Dating Profile
San Francisco, California, US
I would like to be with someone who wants to be with me. I like older guys. 5'2" I fluctuate from 110 to 116lbs
diojenn's Chat & Dating Profile
Buena Park, California, US
Hi, I'm a closet crossdresser in Orange County and love to make and meet friends =) Always looking for my first experience of going out to public as Jenn. It will be so nice if I can have chance to go to movies with dressed. I like to keep this as discreet but still looking to socialize with other people. Thanx!!
CharlotteTG60's Chat & Dating Profile
New Paltz, New York, US
Closeted, for the most part, transgender. I've been dressing since I was a little boy. I remember wearing panties when I was 5 and tights about the same time. I'd wear dresses and girls shoes whenever I could and be as feminine as possible when I was alone. I hope someday to be totally "out" and embrace my feminine feelings in a more open way. I hope to meet friends here. Well I've got some big news, I began HRT on February 6, 2018. It was a big day for me, I'm still nervous but now I'm beginning to discover that this was something I should have done years before. I can't wait until the time I am fully out! Almost 5 years HRT, changes are amazing! It's a steady evolution. I have breast growth, at least a C cup, perhaps a bit more than that actually. My changes below are also notable in that "shrinkage" is an understatment. I love the way I feel. No women,I don't mind chatting with you, just nothing more than that. Looking for an alpha male. I am now divorced and single again.
JimX's Chat & Dating Profile
Middleboro, Massachusetts, US
Divorced (Finally!!) 50 something guy who enjoys the company of women, trans, crossdressers. And friends. Ive been coming here a long time and met great people. I enjoy going out on dates, dinner, movies, drinks. I like to be outside, beach and sun. I like to keep in shape but not a fitness nut. Old movies and tv and 40s, 50s and 60s music I enjoy as well.
Darien's Chat & Dating Profile
Tallahassee, Florida, US
Darien was born on January 18, 2013 when I finally decided that I could hide no longer and ventured out in to the world. By mid March, Darien acquired everything that a woman needs to pass in this world. I even have my ears pierced. The first time I saw my reflection in full makeup and a wig I cried, because my mother was staring back at me. I absolutely love shopping for shoes. I came out at a Payless store. So much fun trying on all of the heels! My idea of fun. Darien loves to go out and would love to find a friend for shopping or lunch or other girl activities. Darien's Quotes: "I just love being a girly girl once in a while." "I tried on a pair of mother's heels. It was the ankle strap and that little buckle that did it for me." "We do it, we love it, we feel guilty about it, we can't give it up!" "I have been a coward all my life. I had to put on a dress to find courage!" "I am a male who has always liked and been intrigued by feminine things, and loves to experience elements of femininity for my self, and there is nothing in that to be ashamed of." I dress up as a girl and go to the bar so that if I get caught, no one will ask about all the beer I drank. We are all free to express our selves any way we want or need to. No one's expression is any less valid. It takes courage to be true to one's self in this day and age. So let us not beat up on each other, but encourage each other to be who we need to be. "Get comfortable with yourself. You are a beautiful person, feminine or not. And I am not talking about your appearance. Let go of the guilt, it only brings you down. It is a self inflicted prison and punishment. You should treat your self better." - A quote from Darien on her first TG birthday. There are 2 kinds of people in this world, the kind who just leave the shopping cart wherever so it can roll away and damage another car, and those who return the cart to a corral. You want someone who returns the cart! You have to accept your self "as-is" as a starting place. Then you can chart a course to where you think you can go or want to be. But life is an adventure, and playing the cards that you are dealt can lead to a win cause fortune favors the bold, and no one ever won by folding. Being trans sometimes means you have to be tougher than the toughest, and sometimes you have to stand up like a man and own wanting to be a woman. Well, normal is a distribution. After all, which shade of gray is exactly gray? I will put on a black dress and face my enemies and say to them, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” There are actually only 3 people in the world, you are 1 and I am the other 2! I'm not autistic, I just hated people for the way they treated me. I am a far cry from the socially anxious nerd who was always picked last in gym class. I cried the day Prince died, I wept the day RadioShack closed.
MichelleIL's Chat & Dating Profile
Oak Lawn, Illinois, US
Hi girls! Been dressing privately for years now and I would like to make friends and go out. I love all things satin. I'm hoping to meet other girls to show me how to dress and to help out with styles and makeup.
mjchellann's Chat & Dating Profile
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, US
I am married to a loving wife who helps me with who I am so NO MEN what so ever!!! I have some great friends on here you know who you are and I thank you for being there!!!
SheilaWNYC39's Chat & Dating Profile
New York, New York, US
Long time CD interested in mature males.
Jennifer0830's Chat & Dating Profile
North Kansas City, Missouri, US
My name is Heather. Not much for me to say.... so ask
TaraMadelyn's Chat & Dating Profile
Easley, South Carolina, US
Tara D. Madelyn, The Last of The Southern Belle's.
daynanjgirl's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlantic City, New Jersey, US
I am a married crossdresser looking to make friends. I enjoy my male life and like doing guy things but I also love to wear a pretty dress with pantyhose and a sexy pair of pumps. I very rarely get to express my feminine side but want to start being more active as Dayna. I know there are others like me and that is why I jojned this group. I want to chat with others and find friends for support. I have no interest in men so please don't reach out and contact me if you are looking for more. I know there are a lot of great gurls out there to help one another. Again, no guys, not interested. I also enjoy getting makeovers. Just posted some gallery pictures from my recent makeover with Amanda Richards. What an incredible day! If you are thinking of getting one, do it! It's a must. Wherever you are, it is worth the ride to Amanda's. I can't wait to do it all over again.
Annikapen's Chat & Dating Profile
Albany, New York, US
I should say up front that I am not attracted to men, which may not be super popular, but it just is how it is. I did not know what I was until January of 21, when I was 48 years old. There were clues, but they were crappy clues, in my opinion, and I blew them off as not important because I am attracted to women and figured whatever feelings I had were just random odds and ends that most people would have. I just ignored it and it was mostly easy. Then it was like a fuse burned out in my brain and the dysphoria hit. Now, it can’t be ignored no matter what. So I started estradiol to help with the dysphoria, and it did allow me to function, which is great. When I started to see physical changes, however, I became enamored with them and am dying for the full change and for it to be done yesterday. The FaceApp pics include one that is a gender swap on a pic of me when I was younger and the other is just adding long hair. These pics are hard to look at because it makes me think that if I knew about this earlier in life, maybe I could have looked like that (and I would love it now if I could, but then I would have rejected the idea). In January 2022 I started blockers and a higher dose of estradiol and it was just to see how I felt with it and about doing it, but I found that I liked it and wanted more change, though I was not sure that I was really ready to admit I was a transwoman. In May, I had a. big breakthrough and accepted myself. I had read in somebody else’s profile that it was the most important thing that she was able to do for herself. I recognized that it was something I needed, but it is not a hurdle that you can just decide to overcome. I don’t know how it happens, but I am glad it did. I now know I will be ok, and I am ready to face life as me.
Brianinohio's Chat & Dating Profile
Willoughby, Ohio, US
Looking for friends to chat with
Hankta123's Chat & Dating Profile
Louisville, Kentucky, US
Online Check out my stream channel
NoreenMcC's Chat & Dating Profile
Albany, New York, US
I like music, horses and dogs. Also old movies and friendly ppl. I'm scot/irish but born in NY. I was in a bad accident and my face has a lot of bad scars now so yes, the picture is old. I won't take a new picture. I also have a trained assist dog named Hannah.
Margo's Chat & Dating Profile
Austin, Texas, US
Used to have on here that I was a closet CD. It's much more accurate to state that I'm a woman inside and have now accepted that although I am struggling with how to deal with it. Wife does not know and I don't want her to know. Live in Texas. Have to worry about my external life and realistically don't see myself transitioning although I know it would help me mentally. Would love to add a photo, but due to circumstances can only use a neck down picture and that's not allowed here. I feel that wearing woman's clothing is just a normal extension of my inner feelings and having bigger boobs isn't a fetish, it's something that feels natural to me and looks acceptable because of my build. I don't think of myself as having any male parts and wish I was born that way. Don't like the term transgender as it implies that I'm something other than totally female, but understand that it's the used description. of my situation. I joined this site to talk to others that are in a similar situation as it is very lonely to be living my life even with a wonderful spouse. Trying to get over the depression, eating disorders and other manifestations of trying to be female and look and act that way while having to live as a male in my external world. The sexual aspect of this is just an extension of being a woman. Much like other women, I have fantasies; some romantic, some sensual, some sexual and some wild. And now for something completely different; hobbies include model railroading, biking, playing ice hockey and running.
Idahoman3333's Chat & Dating Profile
Idaho Falls, Idaho, US
Looking around to see what’s out there

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