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Welcome to transgender Brazil support chat rooms. Here at Trans Chat Zone you will find many transgender members from Brazil as well as their supporters. Create your own network of friends, get answers to your questions about being transgender, and build your own network of friends. Trans Chat Zone is an online support group in the form of a trans gender chatline. We are not doctors and we can not give medical advice, however, our members may know a doctor in Brazil that could help you transition, start hormones, get top surgery or get bottom surgery. Join us in Brazil trans support chat, we can't wait to meet you.

Brazil Transgender Online Chatlines & Support Groups.

Trans Chat Zone is a chatline for trans women to find and meet others in the Brazil area. Chatting is free. Creating a profile is free. Connecting with other trans support community members is free as well. Join is inside the online trans social network for free.

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Transgender Chatters in Brazil

Anna30's Chat & Dating Profile
State of São Paulo, BR
Just a straight guy who enjoys dressing like a girl. I can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish. Feel free to chat me with if you can properly speak one of those options.
Samira's Chat & Dating Profile
Hi, everyone! Samira here. I'm improving this part of my profile. Well, I'm a non-binary person. Currently, I'm living my social life as an androgynous (I'm about to start HRT soon). I love my feminine side (It's cute and funny... a bit serious sometimes, hehe). I'm here to make good friends and share experiences. I've been married since 2013. My wife and some of our friends know I'm non-binary and bisexual, but I didn't come out totally (still working on it). Sometimes ppl think we're lesbians due to my feminine looks and traces. I dress since I was a kid. I'm a feminine soul inside a male body. Anyone can dm me at any time, just be friendly :)
Nick0864's Chat & Dating Profile
State of Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Sou solteiro quero transar, sem compromisso
cb189's Chat & Dating Profile
Brasília, Federal District, BR
kik61 13-03-2022 08:43 Hello !! I’m looking for Partner with our personal secret. I wanna know you to understand if you are the one with no prejudice no false expectation and open mind.
BrazilianAlpha's Chat & Dating Profile
I'm so lover for cds
Julianne's Chat & Dating Profile
State of Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Used to come to this chat since 2008, i'm nice and i like to chat
nogueira720's Chat & Dating Profile
Indaiatuba, São Paulo, BR
a young man looking for a passive trans woman
clikekal's Chat & Dating Profile
Irani, Santa Catarina, BR
To put myself at your disposal
CarolineSabine's Chat & Dating Profile
Federal District, BR
I'm crossdresser from São Paulo, Brazil
Carol95's Chat & Dating Profile
State of São Paulo, BR
I'm looking for friends and a lot of conversations. I'm quite introvert, but not antissocial, I guess. Hehe. I genuinely like to have a conversation and I confess I'm a bit need, since I don't have friends anymore. I think that's it, if you are interested feel free to send me a message, I'm open to talk to everyone with respect
Mil122's Chat & Dating Profile
State of São Paulo, BR
Hello, ola, privet, my nome Mil i have 49 old....
AnnaPink's Chat & Dating Profile
Hi! Crossdresser from Brazil, on hormones for the last few months. I'm looking for making good friends and sharing experiences online... as stated in my interests, would prefer talking to CDs (not necessarily full time CDs)/TGs, due to the fact we might have more in common! In the mood for cyber when present in the proper chatroom. Feel free to pm :)
Israel's Chat & Dating Profile
Ceará, BR
Im trying to undestend myself
rollly12's Chat & Dating Profile
Índia, Minas Gerais, BR
looking fr friendship and good relationship

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