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Jeanette Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: Sep. 25, 2023
Joined: Dec 28, 2016
Age: 72
Gender: T(M2F)
Location: TX, US
About Me
I would like to find a friend. I am a classy lady and expect to be treated as such. That means I expect to be treated like you would any other woman my age. If you ask genetic females about the size of their breasts and begin describing your sexual prowess in first communications, I understand why you are here rather than in a relationship.

I am no cougar so I prefer someone close to my age. I enjoy speaking with younger people but realized we have very little in common.

Unfortunately, I am telling the truth about my age. The profile photos with longer hair are 1-5 years old. I had my hair shortened considerably at the beginning of the year so the shorter hair photos are very recent.

I have been widowed since December 2014. I do not live full-time. I own a business and living full-time would hurt me financially. I am considering leaving the remodeling business to concentrate on buying, repairing, and then selling houses for myself. Following that path would allow me to dress and live as I please with no consequences.

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