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#1 Jul 15, 2020 1:54:PM


When we were young

This is perhaps a subject that has been posted before. I just want to write this so maybe we know we're not alone.
In the early seventies I realised that something was different about me. I wanted to be a girl. I didn't know why but it was a feeling I couldn't explain . Back then I was quite naive but even I knew you didn't tell anyone. I somehow knew it was dirty,shameful and not to be have to remember gay people used to get locked up just for being gay.Crossdressing,transvetism was to do with sexual deviance wasn't it?
There was no internet,no one to confide in.
I used to"borrow" my mum's panties and tights it felt good but wrong.After a while I painted my toenails if I thought nobody would notice.But still I kept it to myself.
Years went by,decades even I dressed up in secret loving my feminine persona,still ashamed even when I understood it more.
So we arrive at the trauma that changed my life.A partial amputation to the left foot .
I developed diabetes and had to give up my job. I decided that it was time to face the world as the woman I had always been.
It's made me happier these past few years than I have ever been despite my disability.


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